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Long Term Care

The areas of advice that we provide in connection with funding for Long Term Care include:

Immediate Care Funding

If the time comes when it is necessary for you, or a relative, to move to a care home environment, we can assist in finding the right funding and, with our considerable experience in this area, offer a sympathetic and understanding approach.

Planning for Long Term Care

If it is important to you to provide for the cost of going into a care home later in your life then we can help find the most appropriate solution for you. At a time when you may be at your most vulnerable, peace of mind and control over your future are important. Good planning can ensure that you achieve this as well as ensuring that you have assets to pass on to your family when the time comes.

Investment Portfolio Planning

For some clients, maximising the efficiency of existing assets may be all that they need to ensure that the cost of care can be met on an ongoing basis. For others, reviewing and restructuring assets can often provide a solution to their needs. Whatever your situation, we can provide you with impartial and unbiased advice.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Long term care planning is as much about asset protection as it is funding for care home fees. Sound planning for long term care should incorporate aspects of inheritance tax planning. Our advice can take account of all these issues and more, depending on your individual needs.

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